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Josefine Carlsson is a Swedish artist living and working in Sweden. She creates original paintings and art prints.


"It's when we are vulnerable that our inner features really comes through. Perhaps it's when we are as naked and exposed as we allow ourselves to just, be. No filters. Beauty for me is not superficial. "The perfect", for me is very uninteresting. There is nothing interesting in the perfect. It's the defect, which makes an individual interesting. Josefine's illustrations speak memories and reflect feelings. Often deep, vulnerable, but strong, feminist, with it's own history and story. Everything starts there, in the depth of our soul, in the beautiful fragility. That's where the idea is born."

After painting for almost 10 years, experimented with different techniques and materials, Josefine has found the balance between different media and methods. She blends abstract original paintings with figurative art and illustrations.

Josefine's work is frequently used in projects by leading interior designers and stylists.